We raise our animals just as God intended. Completely free range, Grass fed animals. All natural, without the use of chemicals, hormones or steroids

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With only three chickens, you could have a dozen or more fresh eggs for your table each week.  Chickens are very easy to care for, and don't require very much space.  At most hatcheries, you would have to purchase a minimum of 25 day old baby chicks which usually would cost close to $100.  And you would have to have all the equipment necessary to feed, protect and care for the baby chicks for about 5 months before they would start producing eggs.  We are offering instant "Chicken Families" ready to start providing wonderful rich brown eggs.  Our "Chicken Families" consist of 3 young hens and 1 rooster for $60.  (The rooster is optional if you or your neighbors don't want to be awakened early mornings with a cockle-doodle-doo, LOL)


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