We raise our animals just as God intended. Completely free range, Grass fed animals. All natural, without the use of chemicals, hormones or steroids

About Us..

 The farm, is the orginal homeplace of my grandparents. My grandad has always, always had animals. From Standardbred horses to Hampshire hogs to bottle fed Whitetail fawns. We really never knew what we might see. Later on, my grandad  decided to sell his race horses after having a quadruple bypass.  Since then, we have acquired several other things like Canadian geese, Red Bourbon Turkeys, Rhode Island Red Chickens..and of course, the goats. Grandaddy has taught us all the love of animals and what great fun they are to watch and learn from!

As for my goats,  they are fairly new to the farm. We have been raising goats since 2006, only recently getting serious about purebreds,  bloodlines, and registration papers. The first goat we obtained was for brush control. She was our original "Mama" goat.  We did not know she was pregnant at the time.  Surprise!  As we learned more about goats, we learned you should never have just one. Goats are herd animals. They generally do not do well alone. It is best to start with two or more goat kids if you plan to keep them any length of time, because a single goat tends to get very lonely, sometimes to the point of becoming sick. "An only goat is a lonely goat".  A lonely goat will let you know it, and no one will be happy. They need other goats, or at least other livestock such as sheep, pigs or horses.  

Speaking of sheep, we also now have, (as of May 2009)  a  flock of "hair sheep" to be able to offer grass fed lamb with the same high quality standards.

Goats are very intelligent animals. They really thrive on affection.  They can easily be trained to do any number of things. Goats, especially little babies, are the epitome of cuteness. But, most of all, they are just a whole lot of fun! They have that spark that tells you that life really is worth living after all. If you have never seen a goat kid play and frolic in it's first year of life, you are definitely missing one of the best shows life has to offer!

 But Of course, the more pets you have, the more money they cost..Then you try to find ways to make them cost effective..

Being a stay at home mom,  and truely enjoying my goats, we, as a family, decided to have our own meat goat herd and thus our farm has evolved from there.

   Check it out..How I learned to love goat meat.